Shiraz is located in the south of Iran and the northwest of Fars Province and has a moderate climate with regular seasons.
Shiraz situated in the inland around 200 km from the Persian Gulf, at an elevation of 1,540 meters above sea level.

Shiraz is an old city remained from 3rd millennium B.C. Considering the bas-relief existing in Baram-Delak (outskirt of Shiraz), this city is constructed in Sassanid Dynasty. Also in artworks remained from Parthian Dynasty name of Shiraz is being seen. Shiraz prosperity was occurred in Omavi time in which Atiq mosque was constructed.

Shiraz city was Iranian capital in several periods. However 1860 and 1890 earthquakes ruined historical buildings of this city, Shiraz was renewed and flourished again. Today Shiraz is one of the Iran mega-cities. After Islamic Revolution of Iran, Shiraz was being evolved with hundreds of civil projects such as at-grade/grader-separated junctions, under-passes, by-passes, over-passes, highways and urban railroad. Shiraz municipality was established in 1907 as Bladiyeh and until now 58 mayors served in this municipality. Now Shiraz municipality has 9 municipal zones, 7 deputyships, 16 organizations and 16 managing departments with 8000 personnel to serve citizens.

Majority of Shiraz people are Muslims and Shiite but there are minorities of Christian and Jewish. The city is blessed with the holy mausoleum of Ahmad Ibn Moosa,known as Shah Chiragh (PBUH) – the son of the 7th Shiite Imam- thus enjoying a special status as the third religious city in the country. Moreover, there are many tourist attractions in the city accounting for 33 percent of the attractions in the country. Most importantly, it is located in the vicinity of the Persepolis, one of the most magnificent capitals of the ancient world. As a result, Shiraz is a popular tourist destination in the region, attracting both domestic as well as foreign visitors.

Many artists, mystics and literati have been lived in Shiraz such as Sibuyeh, Ibn-e-Hafif, Baba Kuhi, Rouzbehan, Hafez, Saadi, Ghotb-e-Din Shirazi, Orfi, Gha’ani, Molla Sadra, Vesal, Forsat-al-Doleh, Salman-e-Farsi, ….